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Perhaps the most popular Gaia Hack around is the famous "Gaia Gold Hack". Using this method, one could theorically create as much Gaia Gold as he wanted.

This method is not perfect however as any very large amount of Gaia Gold will trigger GaiaOnline's alarms. There are three main Gaia Gold Hacks.

  1. Obtain a senior moderator account through hacking or bribery.
  2. Access Gaia Online admin pannel, which allows you to do almost anything in the game, except some few actions.
  3. Use an unsecured Gaiaonline page to modify the gold in a Gaia Online account.

Perhaps the most efficient method is the second one, but it is much rarer. The most probable Gaia Gold Hack is the third because there are over 3,000 php scripts on GaiaOnline, some of them unsecured. For example, this script allows Gaia admins to login:

Located in folder /admin, the file index.php will permit you to access all administrative features automatically. Provided you can forge login credidentials, you will be able to hack Gaia Gold as much as you want.

Gaia Gold Hack can generate any amount of Gaia Gold in a second. Since GaiaOnline Gold is nothing but pixels, you could simply edit a binary parameter and generate as much Gaia Gold as you want.

Generally speaking, Gaia Gold Hack are not very good. The reason, as we mentionned earlier, is that it's incredibly hard and only experts, with a lot of time and patience, will be able to succesfully hack Gaia. Botting, in comparaison, only takes a fraction of the time. Any large hacked gold amount would appear suspicious. Generating only a few millions Gaia Gold at once is not an option neither because there is no guarantee your Gaia Gold Hack will work 1, 5 or 10 days from now.

For these reasons and many more -- legal liability, ressources requirements, etc -- we generally advise people to stay away from Gaia Gold Hack, especially scripts designed by third parties. It is in our view much easier and much more secure to generate the gold yourself, through botting for example.

Professional hackers are not going to be interested in Gaia Gold Hacking because it simply isn't lucrative enough. Legit Gaia Gold is being sold right now for $2.99 per million. Hacked gold is supposed to be worth less than one thirth of that amount. Even if you hacked one billion Gaia Gold, you would barely get a few hundreds of dollars.

A few more Gaia Hacks include hacking MySQL -- again, either through theft of credidential or unsecure scripts -- XSS exploits or MySQL injections. There are very few protections against these two last types of attacks since MySQL is generally a weak security database application. Even using regular expression, XSS attacks are possible. For future Gaia Hacking development, we advise to-be hackers to concentrate on the Gaia Databases and not the unsafe scripts.

In conclusion, Gaia Gold Hack, while popular and widely used, is not the best way to make Gaia Gold and become rich on Gaia.





















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