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Gaia Fishing Bot - Let your computer Fish for you.

One of the easiest Gaia Bot to setup is the Gaia Fishing Bot. It's super easy to use because you only have to do three things to make it work:

1) Open the Gaia Online Fishing game.

2) Place the window in the top left of your screen

3) Run Gaia Fishing.exe

A simple fishing bot can be programmed in less than an hour. Very simply said, the bot analyzes some zones on your screen for pixel changes and then simulate a keystroke. Because it does not inject code nor send variables or data, it is completely undetectable. Beware, however, that if you use the bot 16 hours in a row, you will get flagged for review (who fishes for 16 hours in a row?). For this reason, many Fishing bots take frequent breaks, with a random factor (nobody takes exactly 15 minutes break every time). Furthermore, an advanced bot should also browse Gaia Online from time to time, as a human would normally do.

Our very advanced Gaia Fishing Bot has all the features above and much, much more. It features, amongst other things, three uncorrelated random variables to really simulate human behavior. For example, a random timer, simulated with a Normal distribution, is added to every action taken. Your bot will not have a 0.5 reaction time to every event, like other, lower quality Fishing Bot.

Gaia Fishing Bot is Chaos' latest product. While certainly less advanced than GoldenGaia, it is perfect for people who are new to botting. Furthermore, since it is so simple to use, it can be used anywhere by anyone. While GoldenGaia is hundreds of times better, for $9.95, our very solid Chaos Fishing Bot is a must for any interested botter.


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