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Better-Than-FLP: Does what the name says!



Dear user,

You only need two informations to steal an account: the account name, and the password.


  • The account name is a trivial matter to get.
  • The password, though, can provide quite challenging.

For long, users have used Fake Login Pages, which are just a sophisticated form of Phising. By luring Gaia Online users on another website and making them entering their account name and passwords, users were able to steal any account.


That worked well, quite well. It even beat our GoldenGaia in term of gold per day simply because users are so gullible. Indeed, Gaia Online couldn't stand and do nothing and as people become more and more aware of Fake Login Pages (affectionaly noted FLP), their usefulness decreased.


Gaia Online finally put the last nail in the coffin with his huge, clear warnings about FLPs. As of right now, few are the ones using FLPs to their full potential.


But... couldn't there be an easier way to scam accounts? Couldn't FLPs be improved in a such a way that anyone could steal any account? The answer is : yes. Here comes Better-Than-FLP; it does what it tells.



Better-Than-FLP is a small, clever program designed to steal accounts.


The problem with Fake Login Pages is that they are static; a plain, old webpage with an incitation to try to log-in. Plus, as soon as it is brought up to the admin, the page is taken down. Finally, it's very easy to track back the creator of a Fake Login Page.

Better-Than-FLP is always evolving. It's an invisible, untrackable piece of software designed with only one idea in mind: stealing as many accounts in the shortest amount of time. And it works. Think about this: most phisers have a sucess rate of 0.01% (one person on 10,000 in average will fall for it). FLPs have a sucess rate of 0.5% to 0.05%. Better-Than-FLP has a success rate of 5% to 10%. Yes, that high. There is no limit to the income you can make with Better-Than-FLP. There is no limit on the number of accounts you can steal. And the sucess rate is much, much higher.

Plus, it's designed from a totally new concept, meaning no one on Gaia Online ever saw Better-Than-FLP. Think like this: once an user fell in a Fake Login Page, chances are he won't fall in another again. But very few users have seen Better-Than-FLP. It's by far the strongest account-stealing ever designed.


  • 100% undetectable. Every piece of software has been hard-coded by hand.
  • 100% new code. We wrote it line-by-line.
  • 100% invisible. Even after the user fell in it, chances are he won't realize why he lost he account
  • Super-customisable script. Each BTFLP is hand-made modified by ourselves. No two BTFLP will ever be the same.
  • Target one account, or use it as an improved Fake Login Pages to scam hundreds of account
  • One-time fee designed to limit the number of BTFLP on the market. No monthly or recurring fees of any kind.
  • Totally new concept. Never exploited before.
  • Only14.95$ ! A gift from us to you !
  • 100% safe checkout; download right after purchase and start scamming accounts!


Better-Than-FLP is Chaos Programming's second major project. If you've ever tried GoldenGaia, you know the quality and the details we put in every project. We have full confidence that you will be more than fully satisfied with Better-Than-FLP. After you have stolen your first 50 accounts, feel free to drop us a line telling us how wonderful our program is!


  • Complete instalation guides.
  • All plug-ins included.
  • Guide on how to prevent the scammed person from getting his account back! Finally, after much pain, our famous guide is ready! A major problem with FLPs was that people could get their accounts back too easily. With this guide, you will learn to keep scammed accounts forever -- without gettin banned yourself by Gaia Online admins.
  • Tips & Tricks on how to scam accounts efficiently.


Think about it: if you wanted to use a Fake Login Page, you could either spend hours designing it and all related PhP scripts (assuming you know PhP, else add a few more hours!), or buy one for anything in the 5-15$ range. And it wouldn't even be hosted. And you would only promote an overused concept, a concept working less and less.

Why attempt to use a year old concept when you can have a new, fresh, improved concept for only 9.99$? Why spend hours and hours on Fake Login Pages when you can have a much better results in minutes? Order, download and start getting accounts.

Think about this: just how much can Better-Than-FLP gives me? Say you scam ONLY one account per day and each account has 50,000g in average. But wait! You forgot the items! The inventory! How much does that adds up?

Answer: it adds up quickly. By working less than with FLP and using BTFLP, we were able to easily scam 20 accounts per day. And we weren't even trying hard. How many millions of gold does that represents? Imagine stealing an account having all the items you always dreamt of! Imagine the possibilities!

Worse: you can even ransom the account name back to his original owner! Or use his name to scam more user! Your profits are exponential. You simply won't believe how much you can earn just by running BTFLP.

Well, what are you waiting? With our guide to prevent scamming and our optimisation tricks, BTFLP can't get any better. It's already 100% configured and ready to use, so get it now!

You can BET Gaia Online isn't too happy with you getting this software!

HURRY! Sales are limited!



How much can I get using Better-Than-FLP?

It's quite hard to estimate, really. Much like Fake Login Pages, it depends on how much people fall in your "trap". If you're moderately using BTFLP, it's easy enough for you to steal 30-50 accounts per day (or more!). An average Gaia Online account has approximativly 75,000g (combined, in gold and items), and some have a few millions. So that all depends on how much you use it and how lucky you are. But it's quite easy to make a few hundreds of thousands per day by using BTFLP just a bit.

But in lucky days, you can very well make millions of gold.

Why are you selling Better-Than-FLP so cheap?

Good question. We've never sold our bots at an irreasonable price. We know some people consider our GoldenGaia to be a bit pricy, but we used to sell it at 150$ per license without updates. Modern GoldenGaia comes with lifetime support and updates and only costs 29,95$. For any serious botter like for any casual player, it's a very good deal. Always check the quality/price ratio, not just the price. Here in this world, you get what you pay for ;)

But to answer your question, we are selling it cheaper than our planned price of 14,99$ because it's much smaller than GoldenGaia. GoldenGaia has a dozen of add-ons and a very strict and developped code. BTFLP also has a very developped code, but it is much shorter. In sum, BTFLP required less work than GoldenGaia, and this is why we are selling it cheaper.

Another reason is that GoldenGaia is on autopilot. You run a few file and you can already start earning fresh gold. BTFLP is different because you are taking it from other people, NOT from server.


Should I buy it instead of GoldenGaia?


You should definitivly get GoldenGaia if you have not purchased it. GoldenGaia is a wonderful piece of software. Overall, it will always depend on what you need. Do you need a fresh, constant source of gold? Get GoldenGaia. Do you want to live on the edge, make millions during lucky days and see accounts coming in your inbox like never before? BTFLP does exactly that.

To be optimal, we recommend getting both. They both have their strenghts and weaknesses.


Can I get more information on how BTFLP works?


No. Naturally, the less we will say about this program, the better it will work. Take FLP for example. Once they became too known, they stopped working efficiently.

Same for BTFLP. The reason we don't provide screenshots and detailed explanations is because we do not want general public to see it. It's also the reason why we are limiting the number of BTFLP for sale. I realize it might sound odd not to hear exactly how the program you are going to buy works, but rest assured that it does what it tells : Better-Than-FLP. It's designed to steal Gaia Online accounts in the most efficient way we could ever imagine. If you still need more information, take a FLP, and imagine something 10 times better: that would be close to what BTFLP is.


Is this a program or a guide?


A program, of course. It comes with a few guides in bonus.


When will it be released?

December 31, 2007. Please note the release date might be postponed by a few days due to New Year.


What if I want to buy it and there is none left?

In that case, we can, at your demand, put you on a list. As soon as we will release new ones, you will be first to get it. You only pay when you order it, of course.


Is it patchable? Do I risk buying it and not being able to use it???

If it's still up for sale, it's not patched. Do not worry as we would never sell you a program with no use. We believe that, with time, users will get more and more suspicious and we believe the efficiency of BTFLP might drop a bit with time; however, this will be compensated by new users coming on each week, and BTFLP having free updates and optimisation. Much like GoldenGaia, BTFLP is smart and evolves to catch its prey! Again, we are unable to tell much more, but rest assured BTFLP is far too powerful to ever disappear. So no, you do not risk buying it and not being able to use it and no, it's not patchable and yes, it's a very, very solid script.

So, what are you waiting? Get it now while you can!


More questions? Please know we remain very selective on what information we give out on BTFLP. We can tell you it's going to OWN, but we can also tell you Gaia Online isn't too happy about this because they can't do anything!!















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